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Getting started with Blackboard for instructors
Posted by Matthew Villnave on 04 July 2014 11:08 AM

General Information
Courses will be created in Bb around mid-term of the semester BEFORE (i.e. Spring 2014 courses will be made
around mid-term of the previous Fall 2013 semester). If you are working on a new course for Quality Review
please submit a Blackboard Course Request Form so that a test account can be created if necessary.
Preparing for Your Course
Check your Blackboard account for your courses. If you want to combine multiple sections into one put in a
Blackboard Course Request Form so that will be done. Things to think about before combining:
- Only need to post the information once, not multiple times
- All students from the combined sections will see and can post to discussions
- Grade book is combined
- Announcements will go to all students

Think about cross listed classes.
Do you want the cross listings combined?
If you combine the above will apply
If combining put in a Blackboard Course Request Form so that could be done.

Think about non-students who should have access to your course.
- Do you have any TA’s or a student who will be assisting you with the course who is not registered for
that course?
- Is someone in the Library helping you with the course?
- If so put in a Blackboard Course Request Form for them to be added as a TA.

Once your courses are showing on Bb as you like you can copy a previous semester course into the new course.
Things to think about:

- Previous posting by both students and the instructor in discussions will show as posted by “anonymous”
- If you use publisher material from a course cartridge it will NOT be copied. This is copyright material and
you need to upload the course cartridge using the code supplied by the publisher
Please read the article “Copying Blackboard Courses” on this site.

When your course is ready you can make the course available to your students. Students will typically be
enrolled in a course one month before the start of the semester. Please read the article “Making Blackboard
Courses Available to Students” on this site.

Please remember that Hybrid and full online courses must go thru Quality Review before being made available
to students. Please contact the College Curriculum Committee for more details about submitting a course for
review. Contact for training .

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